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Agustina Sacerdote

I worked with James in late 2015-early 2016 to sell my condo and buy a new place (at the same time!). James played multiple roles – industry expert, advisor, advocate… and therapist. He was always incredibly responsive, flexible and ready to deal with any hurdles (as a non-permanent resident buyer, I faced many of them!). At every step of the way I felt incredibly supported and well advised. He understood what I was looking for and helped me think through and manage trade-offs. And also helped me manage my parents, who also were involved… This is a small but meaningful example: I had to downsize my car because the new place has a really small garage (everything else about it I LOVE).
When I told him I was considering a MINI but doubtful it would fit, he drove over with his MINI to let me try his to test out the new garage.