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I’m here to get you the best house at the best possible price and terms. Here are 4 ways I can assist:

Statistical overviews, data charts, lists of comparable sales: Paragon has the best market analytics in the business—often helpful in getting to know the local real estate market.

Would you like to know about properties not yet available? As a member of Top Agent Network and with 13 years of building agent relationships, I have a solid network of agents and resources that can help you in multiple ways.

An offer is more than just a price. I endeavor to learn as much as possible about the sellers and their agent, in an effort to position your offer for success.

Experience helps me counsel you on your full range of options and strategies—and the potential risks and rewards of each. I’ve created over 150 transaction success stories in all kinds of markets. Most clients find that very helpful.

The more information you have, the better decisions you will make. If you’d like to have a frank discussion with an experienced realtor with comprehensive knowledge of current values, conditions, and trends in specific neighborhoods, call me today.

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