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Christina J

"As first time homebuyers, we could not have asked for a better agent than James Haywood. He guided us through the process from start to finish ensuring we understood the market and expectations on next steps at every turn. One thing we particularly enjoyed about working with James was his very friendly and warm personality. We never felt any pressure to make an offer on something that wasn’t quite right for us. James is also very prompt at replying to questions, which we found so helpful (especially when it comes to time-sensitive matters during the process)! Overall, we know we were very lucky to work with James and will absolutely recommend him to family and friends in the future. "

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Annin P

"James is an absolute pleasure to work with. I’ve worked with him twice now, when I bought my condo and when I sold it. James’ knowledge of San Francisco and the complex market provided invaluable; and his intuition and ability to read the situation of buyers and sellers ensured 'above expectations' outcomes both times. More than anything though, I truly valued how much I knew I could trust James. His ability to listen to you, guide you through the process, ease my concerns and fears and highlight any areas of concern made me certain that he had my best interest at heart. As a first-time buyer James helped me navigate the very foreign and extremely complex world of San Francisco real estate. He drove me to endless open houses, so I could get an idea of the neighborhoods I liked the best and highlighted benefits and tradeoffs of each area. As a seller, I relied upon him for every detail and the process was so stress free that I had an above asking offer in hand a week after listing. I am extremely grateful for James and would recommend him to anyone buying or selling in San Francisco. Thank you, James!" Annin P

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Ted ~

"When I decided it was time to sell my condo, I interviewed several realty agents for the task. James impressed me the most. I thought the process would be a “hard sell,” but James took me through all the right steps and the place sold in about two weeks after it was listed. Not only did the condo sell fast, it also sold for more than I expected. Also, James went beyond his agent duties assisting me with several hurdles outside his job description. All the while he was professional, helpful and extremely kind. Boy was I lucky to hire him!" Ted C

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Another Client Testimonial – So kind.

"We loved working with James! He provided great advice and expert knowledge of the San Francisco area and market. In fact, we weren't even going to put an offer in on the house we ended up buying because we assumed it would go for too much, but thankfully, per James advice, we put in an offer and ended up purchasing the house for much less than the average bid up percentage for the neighborhood. James also pointed out some potential gotchas in some other houses that we had looked at that probably would have bit us in the rear had we not know about them. It's also worth pointing out that James was (and still is) super helpful and responsive. We had two realtors before James during the same house-hunting period and they were either unfamiliar with the market or wouldn't respond to emails nor phone calls. James really stands out as a great agent to have on your side." Robert & Tuyen

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Seirra V

James is a low-key, top-performance realtor. Evidence? He's a top-notch San Francisco realtor yet he didn't even have a Yelp account! I am honoured to be the first to write a review for him on Yelp. Before we hired him we already knew his excellent track record, but working with him was indeed a breeze --- a very pleasant one! He really listened to, and cared about what we needed. He would gently advise along the way using his expertise knowledge/ insight but he always respected our decision. He developed the whole marketing plan and sales strategy based on our agreed goal, executed in precision and perfection ---he definitely delivered more than what we had expected! I also like him being very organised, and that his communications with us were always very clear and timely. He's very polite, considerate, and sensitive about clients' privacy. In that sense he is totally trust-worthy. In fact we didn't have to do anything except leaving him the key and signing the documents. During the whole sales process we were not even in San Francisco. He sold our condo in record short time for record high price. Thank you, James! I hope more people will benefit from your professionalism like we did.

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Matt S.

James has been our guide through both the buying and selling process of our San Francisco home. More like an all knowing all seeing extra patient sherpa guide. A sherpa who makes it look so easy and low key, you'll hardly know you were scaling a mountain, no less the formidable market that is SF. Honestly, I think we took just how good James is for granted. He helped us purchase and sell our first ever home while in San Francisco, and we knew he was good. But what a difference, when we moved to Maryland and worked with a supposedly top-notch "top 1%" firm, we were shocked at how badly they communicated with each other and us, how long it took to respond if they ever did. And then it dawned on me that James is truly a one man wrecking crew. He accomplished what it takes multiple people to do, except better, faster, more efficiently, with less stress, and more grace. Whenever we'd have a question, email him, or text him, on a whim, we would get a thoughtful / well-researched reply, because he completely understood our situation and walks us through the process 100% of the time. There's no delegation, there's no deferring your issues to another team member, or department, no assumptions that someone else will handle the small stuff. Oh and he's so low key, that he never once even mentioned that he was one of the first members of Paragon, there from the beginning. We didn't even realize this until 4 years later when we happened to read it in some updated literature. Seriously, he is the best in the business, and he was so nonchalant and low pressure, that we never even knew the depth of his experience. We just really liked the guy! Super highly recommended, with distinction, and honors and our sincere thanks.

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Agustina Sacerdote

I worked with James in late 2015-early 2016 to sell my condo and buy a new place (at the same time!). James played multiple roles - industry expert, advisor, advocate... and therapist. He was always incredibly responsive, flexible and ready to deal with any hurdles (as a non-permanent resident buyer, I faced many of them!). At every step of the way I felt incredibly supported and well advised. He understood what I was looking for and helped me think through and manage trade-offs. And also helped me manage my parents, who also were involved... This is a small but meaningful example: I had to downsize my car because the new place has a really small garage (everything else about it I LOVE). When I told him I was considering a MINI but doubtful it would fit, he drove over with his MINI to let me try his to test out the new garage.

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Kelsey & Brian Piro

My husband and I found James as a referral through close friends. We found a lifetime realtor and friend in James. James is persistent and gets the job done, in overwhelming markets, always remaining calm. In addition to his years of successful experience, he is above board in all business practices and is genuinely a stand up-guy. James, you're the BEST!!!

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Greg H

It was a pleasure to work with James on the purchase of my condo. His insight and expert knowledge of the market led to a successful transaction. He provided great advice and handled every step of the process from start to finish. Thank you, James!

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