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Christine and Eugene

James has been our trusty guide/realtor through 2 home purchases over the past 5 years. He has a knack for putting you at ease for what would normally be an exciting and utterly nerve-wracking undertaking. We are so grateful for his honesty, patience, professionalism, and overall human kindness. Thank you, James!

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Amy Freidinger

Amy ~ I worked with James Haywood both when I bought my 1st and condo in 2008 and when I sold it in 2016. I highly recommend him to help you on either side of the buy/sell transaction. He is knowledgeable, helpful, organized, and efficient. As a first time buyer, James educated me on the home buying process. He even went the extra mile and offered to come to the appointment where I was selecting flooring for the new construction condo. As a seller, he took care of all of the details for me and made the sale painless. He did all of the coordination for the furniture staging & re-carpeting of the bedroom. This included finding the vendors, meeting them to let them in and out of the condo, and even selecting the carpet for me. Not needing to take time o× of work to run back and forth to take care of these tasks was invaluable to me. For my next home purchase, James is the only realtor that I would consider using. Over the last 8 years and two transactions, he has gained my trust and loyalty. James is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him.

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