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James has been our guide through both the buying and selling process of our San Francisco home. More like an all knowing all seeing extra patient sherpa guide. A sherpa who makes it look so easy and low key you’ll hardly know you were scaling a mountain no less the formidable market that is SF. Honestly I think we took just how good James is for granted. He helped us purchase and sell our first ever home while in San Francisco and we knew he was good. But what a difference when we moved to Maryland and worked with a supposedly top-notch “top 1%” firm we were shocked at how badly they communicated with each other and us how long it took to respond if they ever did. And then it dawned on me that James is truly a one man wrecking crew. He accomplished what it takes multiple people to do except better faster more efficiently with less stress and more grace. Whenever we’d have a question email him or text him on a whim we would get a thoughtful / well-researched reply because he completely understood our situation and walks us through the process 100% of the time. There’s no delegation there’s no deferring your issues to another team member or department no assumptions that someone else will handle the small stuff. Oh and he’s so low key that he never once even mentioned that he was one of the first members of Paragon there from the beginning. We didn’t even realize this until 4 years later when we happened to read it in some updated literature. Seriously he is the best in the business and he was so nonchalant and low pressure that we never even knew the depth of his experience. We just really liked the guy! Super highly recommended with distinction and honors and our sincere thanks.

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