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James is a low-key top-performance realtor.   Evidence?  He’s a top-notch San Francisco realtor yet he didn’t even have a Yelp account!   I am honoured to be the first to write a review for him on Yelp.  Before we hired him we already knew his excellent track record but working with him was indeed a breeze — a very pleasant one!   He really listened to and cared about what we needed.  He would gently advise along the way using his expertise knowledge/ insight but he always respected our decision.  He developed the whole marketing plan and sales strategy based on our agreed goal executed in precision and perfection —he definitely delivered more than what we had expected!  I also like him being very organised and that his communications with us were always very clear and timely.  He’s very polite considerate and sensitive about clients’ privacy.   In that sense he is totally trust-worthy.  In fact we didn’t have to do anything except leaving him the key and signing the documents.   During the whole sales process we were not even in San Francisco.  He sold our condo in record short time for record high price.  Thank you James!  I hope more people will benefit from your professionalism like we did.

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