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Marketing and negotiation are the expert mechanisms I use to get you the highest possible price. Here are 4 ways I can help:

I’ve lived over 150 transactions in all kinds of markets. Experience helps me counsel you on your full range of options and strategies and the potential risks and rewards of each one.

Market Knowledge
Thanks to Paragon’s stellar market analytics support, I’m up to date on comprehensive knowledge of current values, conditions, and trends in the local real estate market.

Valuable Relationships
With career longevity comes valuable relationships. Using Top Agent Network broker-to-broker marketing, and by mining my existing relationships across the city, I can reach agents who represent the buyers most likely to consider purchasing your home.

Expert Negotiation
I endeavor to learn as much as possible about the other parties: their qualifications, motivations, circumstances; how they do business; and their needs, wants, and priorities. I will negotiate shrewdly and aggressively to achieve the highest possible price and best terms—while minimizing any future liability by maintaining the highest ethical standards as your fiduciary representative.

The more information you have, the better decisions you will make. If you’d like to have a frank discussion with an experienced realtor with comprehensive knowledge of current values, conditions, and trends in specific neighborhoods, call me today.

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